Making Movies Make Sense is an engaging, interactive introduction to film language and filmmaking for ages 9 to adult.

Making Movies Make Sense on iPad

This 148-page multitouch book is made for iBooks, with dozens of video clips, stills, interactive pictures, audio clips and pop-up tips and questions. It includes practical activities and links to downloads. For iPad, Mac and iPhone.

“Beautifully put together and illustrated with great examples throughout – highly recommended.”
Dr John Potter, UCL Knowledge Lab

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is a movie sequence for you to edit on iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC. It’s a great hands-on way to learn about film language before you start making your own movies. You can edit the clips using standard editing software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Premiere.

There are 55 clips in the download, which also includes a 36-page, iPad-friendly PDF that takes you step by step through editing the movie, covering shot size and selection, camera position and movement, editing on the action, shot-reverse shot, the 180 degree rule and more.

“Media language in all its elements comes to life…Suddenly [students] can see how a shot filmed from a different angle with a different soundtrack makes all the difference.”
Deborah Snow, Point of View

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Start Making Movies

Shot size - page from ebookStart Making Movies - editingStart Making Movies screenshot

My new visual introduction to filmmaking will be out Summer 2019. This ebook takes you step-by-step through the filmmaking process, from choosing equipment to planning, shooting and editing your first short movie or video. You can subscribe for updates.

Free downloads

All of these are in PDF format.

Blank storyboard lafstoryboard Logging sheet Documentary script template

Filmmaking templates

This free printable storyboard, shot list, logging sheet and documentary script will help you plan your films.

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