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Tom BarranceMaking a short film is a great way to tell your story. is packed with free advice, information and resources to help you learn filmmaking.
Tom Barrance

Everything you need to know to start making movies: telling your story, organising your filmmaking, and choosing the right equipment.

Interactive ebook, video clips to practise editing, and planning templates to help you learn or teach about film and filmmaking.

On-site training, projects and workshops for businesses, organisations, community and arts groups in the UK and Europe.

Film language:
telling your story

Shot size grid

Film language means using images, sound and how you put them together to tell your story. The way you film your shots, how you use sound, and your editing will all affect how people understand your story and what they feel about it. Diagram of the 180 degree rule

You can make your movie flow by following some simple rules about where to put your camera, how to frame your shots, and how to edit them together.

My package Editshots is a hands-on way to learn about film storytelling: it includes a complete short movie for you to edit yourself, with a step-by-step guide.

Making Movies Make Sense on iPad
My interactive multitouch book Making Movies Make Sense explains film language and filmmaking from first principles for ages 9 and up. Designed for iPad, iPhone and Mac, you can get it from the iBooks Store.

Choosing equipment

Panasonic G7Tripod

You need to choose the right camera and other equipment. I’ve compared the best affordable cameras for starting filmmaking.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can make movies with cameras costing under $300/£250, or even with your iPhone or iPad.  This article will help you choose video cameras for children and teens.

The filmmaking process

Woman with camcorder

You need to follow an organised process for planning, shooting, and editing and sharing: it’s explained here.  I’ve also written simple step-by-step guides to making a factual video and making a movie on your iPhone or iPad

If you’re a photographer looking to move into video, here are some of the key things you need to know about filmmaking. 

Creative ideas

You can get lots of ideas by watching other people’s films. If you want to make original, creative films you need to learn from other filmmakers and watch movies you wouldn’t normally see, like this one. This section includes ideas about how to use still photos, film poems and poem films, and how great filmmakers have used sound.

Training with Tom Barrance


I’m one of the UK’s most experienced film educators. I work with businesses, nonprofits, charities, healthcare organisations, schools, universities and drama groups around the UK and in Europe.

iPhone/iPad filmmaking is my most popular course. I also provide training for educators and workshops for youth and community groups and events.

Tom is a very experienced teacher with an impressive depth of knowledge.
I learnt so much that I can put into practice straight away.
Rebecca Wilson, Teaching Technology Specialist, UCL Institute of Education

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