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Learn filmmaking by editing a short movie

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“Terrific. Allows students to develop their confidence and learn to edit independently.
The shots are simple to use with plenty of variety.”
Alison Smith, Experienced Senior Teacher – Film and Television, Australia

“Amazing! Has everything a teacher could want.”
Tim McGuire, EdTech teacher, USA

“Highly recommended. Helps students understand how to film with the edit in mind.”
Kerrie Crescione, Film and Media Tech, UK

“A quick and easy way to learn film editing.”
Daniele, Film student, Canada

Explore the essentials of film storytelling by editing this short movie. Choose from over 90 clips including movement, action, dialogue and B-roll. You’ll learn about selecting shots, and which shots work together; how to show movement and edit dialogue; the editing process; and intermediate editing techniques like ‘split edits’, adding cutaways, planning a soundtrack and editing to music.

EditClass is flexible: you can keep it simple by editing just one scene, add more complexity by choosing from additional clips, or edit the whole movie by choosing from all 90 clips. The user guide shows how you can simplify it further by working with smaller sets of clips.

It gives you choice: there are alternative shots with different shot sizes, camera positions and angles, lens, movements and lighting.

It’s focused: the shots were specially filmed to teach about shot selection, continuity and editing techniques.

What’s included

Scene 1: action

A man sees a strange building and approaches it. He goes instead and finds a strange object. Something frightens him and he drops it and runs out.
Basic version: 30 video clips and 2 audio clips (ambience)
Extended version: 30 more video clips

Scene 2: dialogue

The man enters a corridor. A girl approaches him holding out the object he dropped, insisting that he takes it. He goes to ask her what it is – but she’s disappeared.
Basic version: 16 video clips and one audio clip (ambience)
Extended version: 15 more video clips

User guide (PDF)

  • About EditClass
  • Installing and using the clips
  • The continuity system
  • The story
  • Editing step by step
  • Editing tips
  • Editing activities: manipulating time, working with the 180 degree rule, parallel editing, dialogue experiments, cutaways, split edits, time shifts, montage

Guides to editing techniques

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • iMovie (Mac)
  • iMovie (iOS)

Other resources

  • Script
  • Thumbnails and descriptions of each clip
  • Soundtrack planning sheet

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Education licence

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An education licence allows you to install EditClass on all devices at a single education or nonprofit site. You can also share it with your current students to use on their own devices, eg for working at home.

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