Steadicam Volt, a unique hybrid stabiliser

Steadicam Volt smartphone stabiliser

+ The Steadicam Volt is faster and more responsive than electronic stabilisers + It uses affordable, easily available batteries – It’s slow to set up and takes time to learn – It can’t do vertical video or object tracking, and there’s no tripod socket The Steadicam Volt is a unique stabiliser which combines physical and electronic … Read more

New affordable stabiliser from DJI

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 smartphone stabiliser

I’m a fan of the Osmo Mobile smartphone stabiliser, but it’s a lot more expensive than competitors like the Zhiyun Smooth-Q. DJI have now announced a much more affordable, lighter new version. The Osmo Mobile 2 will retail at $129 (UK pricing not yet announced) and has some major improvements over the original model: it … Read more

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