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Tom Barrance: film education and training



I’m one of the UK’s most experienced film educators. I run training in filmmaking for businesses, nonprofits, charities, arts and youth organisations, schools and higher education. I also run filmmaking workshops, activities and longer projects, and I can support you to make your own films. I’m based near Cardiff, South Wales, but I work throughout the UK and in Europe.

Film training: learn to make short videos

For nonprofits, charities, businesses, researchers and higher education:

  • Learn how to make powerful short videos for staff training, promoting your organisation, sharing ideas or consulting your users.
  • Learn on your equipment or mine
  • Use pro or consumer cameras and editing software, or iPads and iPhones
  • Follow-up support and intermediate courses also available

For schools and teachers

  • Training for Primary and Secondary teachers on using film and filmmaking, including film and literacy, filmmaking in Media and Film Studies, film and MFL, film and creative writing.
  • Short, engaging workshops and activities for Primary and Secondary students including filmmaking, editing, soundtrack creation and animation.
  • Filmmaking apps, resources and PDFs.

For conferences, seminars and film festivals

  • Presentations and practical workshops on filmmaking, film language and film education

For youth and community groups

  • Filmmaking workshops and projects, including accredited training (Agored Cymru and Arts Award)
  • Training for youth workers and staff on how to run film projects with young people and communities

Consultancy, research and writing

I’ve done consultancy, research and resource writing for organisations including Becta, British Film Institute, Filmclub, Film: 21st Century Literacy, Ffilm Cymru Wales and Into Film.

Here are some films from my projects, workshops and training.

Interested in training or workshops? Please email me (address at top of page), ring me on 029 2009 5900 (UK), or use the contact form.

My training is for educators, businesses, public and third sector organisations and groups who are interested in using film in their work. If you’re looking for training in professional filmmaking and industry practice, the Creative Skillset course directory is the best UK source.

Tom Barrance is one of the most experienced film and media educators in the UK. He marries a sensitivity to the aesthetics of film to considerable technical skill and knowledge, and he combines these in active learning experiences that make a real difference to the ways in which people understand film.

Mark Reid, Head of Education Team, British Film Institute

Tom Barrance is an excellent film / media educator with an understanding of how to take the mystique out of film making and make it accessible to all. His work with young people and teachers alike makes a difference; he inspires and his training provides a launch pad for a deeper understanding of film.

Chris Whitney, Literacy and Film Education consultant

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