iPhone interview accessories


Camera support

Shoulderpod S2 camera clamp

Not currently available on Amazon ShoulderPod Europe store


Manbily A-222 monopod and tripod combination

Audio connection

Audio adapter/splitter for simultaneously connecting Lightning microphone/dongle and charger or external battery pack or charger

Rode SC6 adapter for connecting one or two microphones and a pair of headphones together

Exposure and white balance

Folding grey card


Five-in-one diffusers for filling shadows or softening harsh light. These come in various sizes – I’d suggest getting one large and one small. The link is to a 32 inch one.


Rodelink Filmmaker Kit

Wireless microphone system

You will also need a Rode SC3 TRS-TRRS adapter for connecting to the iPhone.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 stabiliser

For steady shots and smooth tracking without a tripod | DJI online store