iMovie 2.2.3 for iOS brings a faster workflow

4 August 2016

Apple’s iOS video editing app was updated at the end of July. It’s an incremental, but useful, improvement. Here are the key differences.

Quicker project creation


First, it’s quicker to start a project. Instead of the Theme Chooser you get access to Moments, Video, Photos and Albums.

On the iPad (in Landscape mode) these are all visible; the iPhone version shows Moments by default, but if you tap < Media in the top left corner, you’ll see the others. You can choose a Moment, or select clips within a Moment, and it’ll automatically place the (complete) clips in the timeline of a new project.

imovie 2.2.3 for iOS videobrowser

If, like me, you prefer to trim clips first, you’ll need to choose the Video browser, which also gives you access to your Albums. This is really useful: you can now select multiple clip ranges (in the clip above, one clip is previewing while the one below it has already had a range selected), then Create Movie: drag and drop them into the right order and you’ll have a rough cut to work with.

If you don’t want to work this way, just tap Create Movie without selecting any clips.

Simplified media browser


There are some changes to the main edit screen as well. Photos now appear in the main media browser – which also includes Moments and Albums – rather than having a separate tab. As above, you need to select Video if you want to trim clips before adding them.

Simpler iPhone edit interface


Changes to the iPad edit screen are minor, but the iPhone one has been simplified: all the Media, plus Camera and Voiceover, are now accessed from the + button. If you do want to use iMovie’s cheesy themes, you can still access them from the Settings button.

Other enhancements

You can now share straight to Vimeo or Facebook with the standard iOS share interface; it supports Shared iPad for education; and there are stability and performance improvements.

It works well. The only annoyance for me is that it still defaults to a dissolve between clips, and you have to change the transitions individually.

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