One to one filmmaking training

Tom with camera

I provide film training for individuals, tailored to your exact needs, and based on your own equipment.

I can teach you how to film with your camcorder, DSLR/mirrorless camera, iPhone/iPad or Android phones.

You can learn to edit with iMovie (on Mac or iOS), Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, or Adobe Rush.

I can also provide training on specific aspects of filmmaking or editing: sound recording, working with light, recording interviews and presentations, editing and more. I can also cover creating graphics for your movie with Adobe Illustrator.

“What a great day…Highly recommend this training”
Damian Rawcliffe, The Hiking Hub

“An excellent training course, very practical with the right level of technical guidance”
Owen Davies, Owen Davies Consulting

Course content

On a typical one-day course, I’ll show you how to

  • get the shots you need to tell your story
  • film shots that make sense together
  • record interviews or presentations
  • capture, add and adjust sound
  • edit your movie
  • use titles and effects

The course also covers

  • how to plan and organise your filmmaking
  • different ways of telling your story with film
  • making your film as good as it can be
  • the best formats for sharing your movie.

At your site, or in Cardiff

I can travel to you – anywhere in the UK or Europe – or provide the training in Cardiff.

Follow-up feedback and support

I encourage you to make a movie on your own as soon as possible after my workshop. That way you can put your learning into practice, and find out if there’s anything you need more information about. As part of the package, I’ll provide written feedback on your  first solo movie.

I also provide email or telephone advice if you need it.


A one-day individual course in Cardiff costs £550. That covers up to three people, so if you have friends who are interested you could share the cost.

I can also provide half-day courses on specific aspects of filmmaking, or the essentials of iPhone filmmaking. The cost in Cardiff is £300.

For training outside Cardiff, in Europe, or for larger groups, please get in touch for a quote.

Tom Barrance

Tom Barrance I teach all kinds of people to make films. I provide training for businesses, arts organisations, nonprofits and education. I’ve worked on film education projects with Apple Education, the British Film Institute, Film Education, Film: 21st Century Literacy and many more. My publications include Making Movies Make Sense and EditClass