Editshots: Video Clips to Edit on Mac, PC or iPad

Editshots is a short editable movie made specifically for learning and teaching. By editing it, you’ll learn the essential things that beginners need to know. You’ll learn about how to use different shot sizes, where to put the camera, and how to film and edit shots that will work together.

Individuals can use it for their own learning, and educators can use it to give their students a practical introduction to film language. The Editshots film has been used in hundreds of schools and training sessions around the world.

The story

A young man is standing on some rocks. He gets a text message that says “I’m coming”. He looks around but can’t see anything. Behind him a girl in black appears. She slowly walks towards him…

You can watch the whole action in a single take, then create your own opening sequence from different clips. You can work it out on your own, or follow the step-by-step PDF guide.

For educators

Every clip is labelled with a technical description. The PDF guide explains shot size, camera position and movement, editing on the action, wide angle and telephoto shots, shot-reverse shot, the 180 degree rule and more.

What’s in the package

The downloadable package includes

  • 55 editable video clips
  • 3 clips with additional audio
  • a video showing the complete action in a single extreme long shot
  • A PDF user guide
  • a 36-page, iPad-friendly PDF that takes you step by step through editing the movie.

NB You’ll need to download Editshots to a Mac or PC before installing it on an iPad or iPhone. 

Editshots editable video clips
55 different video clips tell a simple story, but with different shot sizes, camera positions, lenses, and movement

Children using a black and white version of the Girl in Black clips on an editing workshop.

ots2  longshotsample
Every clip is numbered and has a caption describing what kind of shot it is.

A 36-page PDF takes you step-by-step through the editing process, explaining the essentials of filmmaking

Education users

  • One education licence allows you to install Editshots on all devices at a single school or other education institution site.
  • It also allows an individual trainer  to install it on the devices they use on their own training sessions.
  • Education users can request a free evaluation copy before purchase.
  • Bulk discounts are available for education authorities, school districts or multi-site education institutions.

Please contact me to request an evaluation copy or a bulk discount.

We can accept official orders from UK schools and education institutions who can’t buy online, or who want a physical copy of the resource. We’ll send you the resource on USB stick. Please send an official order for £40 (includes school site licence and postage) to Learnaboutfilm Ltd, 47 Cornerswell Road, Penarth CF64 2UX. You can also send the order as a PDF attachment to

“An excellent resource … highly engaging”
Martin Cairns, Media Education Journal

“Vital … would recommend it to every media or English department”
Jack Kenny, Agent for Change

“Media language in all its elements comes to life. Suddenly they can see how a shot filmed from a different angle with a different sound track makes all the difference.”
Deborah Snow, Point of View

These quotes are about the Editsense DVD-ROM. Editshots is an enhanced, remastered version of the main film on Editsense.


Payments are processed on the secure Gumroad e-commerce site.
The file is an 867Mb Zip download. 

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