DJI OSMO Mobile, the ultimate iPhone stabiliser?

DJI Osmo Mobile stabiliser for iPhone and other smartphones

  • The OSMO Mobile lets you get Steadicam-style shots with your phone
  • It’s well designed and build quality is excellent
  • But DJI’s camera app drains the phone battery

DJI recently announced the DJI OSMO Mobile, an adjustable electronic gimbal stabiliser for smartphones. It’s more sophisticated than any of the other phone gimbals around, building on DJI’s expertise in gimbals for professional drone filmmaking.

It comes with its own app, OSMO GO, though you can also film with the native Camera app or Filmic Pro. A really cool feature of the OSMO GO app is ‘Active Track’: tap to choose something onscreen, and the OSMO will track it smoothly. It can also do pre-programmed motion timelapses, and you can hold it vertically, upside down, or in ‘torch’ mode (out in front of you). I can see it being really useful for mobile journalists, maybe enabling them to dispense with a tripod altogether.

It fits most current smartphones. Battery life is claimed to be between 3-4.5 hours, and recharging takes three hours.

Update: I’ve just got one of these for my iPhone 6S and I’ll be reviewing it soon. Build quality and design is excellent, and the footage is very smooth. But the DJI GO app is very heavy on the phone battery, and you can’t connect a backup as the clamp covers the Lightning socket. I’ll test Filmic Pro – which integrates well with the OSMO Mobile – to see if it’s better. (The native Camera app is fine but can’t take full advantage of the OSMO Mobile’s features.)

It’s probably the most expensive of the smartphone gimbals, but I think it’s well worth the $299 price. It’s £319 in the DJI UK store, which is a bit much even allowing for the fall in sterling. The Apple Store hasn’t implemented the latest price hike so it’s £40 cheaper there. 


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