iPhone interview accessories

Basic Camera support Shoulderpod S2 camera clamp Not currently available on Amazon ShoulderPod Europe store Monopod Manbily A-222 monopod and tripod combination Audio connection Audio adapter/splitter for simultaneously connecting Lightning microphone/dongle and charger or external battery pack or charger Rode SC6 adapter for connecting one or two microphones and a pair of headphones together Exposure and … Read more

BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Updated October 2018 Pros Can record in pro video formats XLR audio inputs Big, easy-to-use touchscreen Dual native ISO Cons Short battery life (around 40 minutes) No electronic viewfinder Very large file sizes No in-body stabilisation The new 4K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera looks really useful for creative filmmakers who want high quality images at … Read more

Zoom H1n, a compact audio recorder

The H1n is really useful for capturing ambient sound Design and controls are better than on the H1 It performs much better in windy conditions The Zoom H1n is a small, pocketable audio recorder which can record high quality audio with its built-in mic or an external mic. It replaces the Zoom H1.  That was … Read more

Panasonic GH5, a mirrorless camera built for filmmaking

Panasonic’s new GH5, out at the end of March, offers more pro filmmaking features than any other mirrorless camera. With powerful in-body image stabilisation, fast autofocus, it’ll be a great choice for news shooters, documentary filmmakers and events.