The ABCDEF of setting up your shot

Here’s how to make your shot as good as it can be, before you press the record button. First, check the settings and the sound. Then check the angle, background, composition and distance. Finally, check the exposure and focus. Angle Which angle will give you the best view of the subject? Could you improve your shot by moving around the subject, or using a higher or … Read more

Filmmaking for photographers

If you’re a good photographer you’ve already got many of the skills you need to make films. But there’s a lot more to filmmaking than the image.

iPad and iPhone filmmaking

iPads and iPhones include good HD cameras. It’s really handy to be able to shoot and edit on the same device. You can get a lot of accessories and apps to make them better for filmmaking.

Ten ways to make your film poetic

Films don’t have to be just about bare stories and information. You can use pictures, sound and editing to build up a sense of a place or mood or to get ideas across.