How to use still images in a film

Soylent Green titles

There’s lots of potential for using still images in a film or video. It doesn’t just have to look like a slideshow: you can zoom them, pan them, group them, and even make them look three-dimensional. Some of these techniques are simple and others need advanced image manipulation skills.

Ten ways to make your film poetic

Films don’t have to be just about bare stories and information. You can use pictures, sound and editing to build up a sense of a place or mood or to get ideas across.

I am Cuba / Soy Cuba

I am Cuba

I am Cuba / Soy Cuba is an amazing Soviet/Cuban propaganda film from 1964 with beautiful ultrawide, long take black and white cinematography.

Poem films and film poems

Poems can make great inspirations for films. Here are some examples, using music and images to broaden out the meaning of a poem; linking performance, dance, sound and editing; and using punchy, in-your-face typography.

Alternative storytelling

Yan Giroux’s award-winning short uses unconventional filmmaking to show the confrontation between a young park warden and a gang of youths.

Sound inspirations

bande a part dance scene

Sound is a crucial part of film and you need to pay as much attention to it as you do to the images. Here’s how some great filmmakers have used sound in their films.