Steadicam Volt, a unique hybrid stabiliser

Steadicam Volt smartphone stabiliser

+ The Steadicam Volt is faster and more responsive than electronic stabilisers + It uses affordable, easily available batteries – It’s slow to set up and takes time to learn – It can’t do vertical video or object tracking, and there’s no tripod socket The Steadicam Volt is a unique stabiliser which combines physical and electronic … Read more

Panasonic’s GH5s is designed for pro video

Panasonic GH5s mirrorless camera

Panasonic’s new GH5s is an update to their flagship GH5, specifically aimed at professional video shooters. It adds more video options to the GH5’s already impressive specs, with improved low light performance. It’s the best mirrorless camera you can buy for filmmaking, unless you need to shoot in extreme low light. Panasonic have designed the GH5s around … Read more

New affordable stabiliser from DJI

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 smartphone stabiliser

I’m a fan of the Osmo Mobile smartphone stabiliser, but it’s a lot more expensive than competitors like the Zhiyun Smooth-Q. DJI have now announced a much more affordable, lighter new version. The Osmo Mobile 2 will retail at $129 (UK pricing not yet announced) and has some major improvements over the original model: it … Read more

Tom Barrance

Tom Barrance is one of the UK’s most experienced film educators. He runs the website and provides training, workshops and consultancy in film education and filmmaking. Based in South Wales, he works around the UK and in Europe.

Cut the cost of filmmaking gear


You can save a lot of money on filmmaking gear by choosing what you need, not what the marketers want you to buy. So here are my tips: 1 Don’t be an early adopter New cameras are most expensive when they first go on sale. The price usually drops a lot after a few months, so if you don’t … Read more