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The Padcaster Verse case will fit any phone or small tablet

Padcaster Verse iPad/iPhone case

Padcaster make big, solid iPad media cases for filmmaking. They’re popular for serious mobile journalism, but they’re quite heavy and expensive. Their latest Kickstarter project looks great, though, so I’ve just backed it.

The Padcaster Verse will be an adjustable, light polycarbonate case to fit anything from an iPad mini downwards, iPhones and Android devices included. It has twelve threaded holes for mounting accessories, and five cold shoes, so you should be able to mount as many lights or microphones as you need.

So you won’t need to keep buying a new case every time you update your phone. This makes a lot of sense, both for buyers and for Padcaster who won’t have to make a separate model for every kind of device.

The $50 pledge level (only for the first 100, after that it’s $70) get a Verse case. That’s a great deal as RRP will be $99. There are also bigger bundles and training available.  They’re expecting to ship in July 2016 if funding is successful.

Padcaster are looking to raise $25k by May 19th 2016 and it looks as if they’re on target.