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Film Effects Newbie help! :')

Sat, 26 Mar 2016 05:50:32 GMT

Hi! I'd love to know a few filming tricks for a project that I am working on: First up, is there a way to film+edit someone leaping from a tall height (like the edge of a cliff) and showing them landing safely on both feet...without them actually leaping off? XD I was kinda thinking green screen, but is there any way I could orient and/or edit the shots? I am using Premier and After Effects. Might need help with a few other things as I plan out the script!

Tom Barrance
Tue, 29 Mar 2016 08:02:42 GMT

You should be able to fake this by clever editing, by breaking the action up into a number of separate shots and filming from different positions. For example, you show them running up to the edge of the cliff from behind in a wide shot; you film them from below, jumping off something much lower; you film a closeup of their feet jumping off something, where you can't see what they're jumping off; and so on. Edit 'on the action' (while the movement is happening, rather than between the movements) and the joins will be less obvious. You'll need to storyboard it carefully, and maybe try it out (get a camera and a friend to help). Follow the 'rules' of continuity on this page: http://learnaboutfilm.com/film-language/sequence/