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Film training: learn to make short videos

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Short films are a great way to promote your work, train your colleagues, share information or consult people.

How I can help

I provide clear, practical film training for all kinds of groups and organisations: charities, nonprofits, researchers, community groups and businesses.

My courses are carefully structured to give you the skills and knowledge you need to make effective short films.

You don’t need experience or expensive equipment. This is filmmaking for everyone.

Beginner courses

My one-day course is the most popular option. It takes you through a complete filmmaking process, with plenty of opportunities to practise and ask questions. You can learn on your own gear or use mine. Choose between:

All my courses can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

What you’ll learn

I’ll show you how to use pictures and sound to tell stories effectively. You’ll learn about

  • how to develop your ideas and plan your video
  • getting organised and keeping it manageable
  • how to shoot good video with any camera
  • getting the sound and light right
  • shooting and editing so your film makes sense
  • sharing your film

The illustrated course booklet includes templates, a step-by-step guide to the filmmaking process, advice and links to further information.

In-depth and follow-up

You can also book longer courses, or get follow-up training in specific skills. I can provide ongoing support and advice online through Google Hangouts.

About me

I have over twenty years experience as a film educator. I’m based near Cardiff in South Wales but I work around the UK and in Europe. More…

If you’d like to discuss your training needs or book a course please get in touch.

For information about my film CPD for schools click here.

“Tom is a really good teacher and is able to convey a lot of technical detail without baffling his audience. Highly recommended.”

Gillian Southgate, Assistant Director, NHS R&D Northwest