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Film training: make your own videos

Film training for organisations 

Why make videos?

Short videos are a great way to record, show and explain what you do, and film is a useful tool for any organisation or business. You can use it to promote your work, train your colleagues or consult your users. This course will provide the skills and confidence you need to make your own short videos.

My film training

I’ve developed this course for organisations outside the film and media sector who want to use video effectively. It’s clear, practical, and aimed at people with no filmmaking experience. My previous clients include PR and consultancy companies, local government, a health research trust, charities and nonprofits.

What you will need

My most popular course is mobile filmmaking using iPhones, iPads or Android phones.
I also offer training on filmmaking with camcorders or DSLRs, and editing on computer.

What you will learn

This course is hands-on. You’ll learn basic filmmaking skills:

  • using the camera
  • setting up shots
  • editing a simple sequence

Then we’ll look at

  • how to get the shots you need to tell your story
  • making sure your shots make sense together
  • recording interviews or presentations
  • adding and adjusting sound
  • how to add titles and effects

You’ll learn about

  • how to plan and organise your filmmaking
  • different ways of telling your story with film
  • making your film as good as it can be
  • the best formats for sharing your movie.

What else will I get?

The illustrated PDF course booklet includes templates, a step-by-step guide to the filmmaking process, advice and links to further information.

In-depth and follow-up

You can also book longer courses, or get follow-up training in specific skills. I can provide ongoing support and advice online through Google Hangouts.

About me

I have over twenty years experience as a film educator. I’m based near Cardiff in South Wales but I work around the UK and in Europe. More…

If you’d like to discuss your training needs or book a course please get in touch.

For information about my film CPD for schools click here.

“Tom is a really good teacher and is able to convey a lot of technical detail without baffling his audience. Highly recommended.”

Gillian Southgate, Assistant Director, NHS R&D Northwest

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