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Editsense – practice editing clips


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This DVD-ROM of unedited films (‘rushes’) is an ideal way for students to learn about film language and filmmaking before they make movies themselves. You install the films on your computer and edit them using standard software (eg iMovie*, Final Cut Express or Pro, Premiere, Windows Movie Maker)

The DVD-ROM contains four unedited film sequences (over 100 clips in total) for students to practise editing. Three of them were specially shot to teach key elements of film language – including use of shot sizes, basic editing and continuity – and there’s also a multi-camera stunt sequence from a youth TV drama.

This hands-on approach to film teaching also works well with Primary school children (Key Stage 2) and in youth work and with vocational students.

The Editsense disc includes Filmsense: getting started with film language. This interactive guide to film education concepts uses examples from the editable films to introduce mise-en-scène, camera, continuity, time, editing and sound.

Editsense comes in Mac and PC versions and includes instructions, stills, storyboard sheets and examples.

Editsense is mainly aimed at Secondary and FE (Key Stage 3, GCSE, AS and A-level), particularly the Media Studies, Film Studies and Moving Image Arts specs from WJEC, OCR and AQA. You can also use it to teach media languages in English and video editing in ICT.

Want to try it out? You can buy the single user version for £26 and upgrade later to a school site licence.

*Please note that the Editsense clips are in 4:3 aspect ratio, which is no longer supported in iMovie 10 (released October 2013). The clips can still be used but will be automatically cropped to fit 16:9 widescreen.


An excellent resource … highly engaging”.

Martin Cairns, Media Education Journal

Vital … would recommend it to every media or English department”

Jack Kenny, Agent for Change

Media language in all its elements comes to life. Suddenly they can see how a shot filmed from a different angle with a different sound track makes all the difference.”

Deborah Snow, Point of View

A great classroom resource for anyone teaching A-Level Media Studies or BTECs in Media Production…”

**** Amazon review

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