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Creative filmmaking ideas, classic films, film movements and short films to inspire your filmmaking.



Sound inspirations

Sound is a crucial part of film and you need to pay as much attention to it as you do to the images. Here’s how some great filmmakers have used sound in their films.

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Soviet montage: how the Russian Revolution changed film

In the years between the Russian Revolution and the rise of Stalin, Soviet filmmakers invented a new language of film: one that still inspires filmmakers today.

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Fiction film

Josh Soskin’s ‘Milk Run’ shows how a skilled filmmaker can use pictures, sound and editing to tell a complex story clearly in a couple of minutes.

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Film with a message

Artist Michelle Guieu kept her film simple to get a clear message across.

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Macro music video

Neil Innes used ultra-close macro shots and edited to the music to make a really cool video for the band Colourmusic.

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