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The ABCDEF of setting up your shot

Here’s how to make your shot as good as it can be, before you press the record button. First, check the settings and the sound. Then check the angle, background, composition and distance. Finally, check the exposure and focus. Angle Which angle will give you the best view of the subject? Could you improve your shot by moving around the subject, or using a higher or […]

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Girl with a DSLR

Filmmaking for photographers

If you’re a good photographer you’ve already got many of the skills you need to make films. But there’s a lot more to filmmaking than the image.

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iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is a bargain for video shooters

Apple’s new budget phone has the same 4K camera and processor as the bigger, more expensive 6S, in a smaller body. That makes it a great choice for filmmakers.

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Composition: framing your shots right

Composition means how you arrange things in the shot. Your film will look a lot better if you compose the shots carefully. Pay attention to where things are in the shot, what’s happening at the edges of the frame, and what’s going on in the background.

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iPhone filmmaking kit

My pocketable iPhone filmmaking kit

I’ve put together a pocketable, affordable compact filmmaking kit for shooting video with the iPhone. It includes an Olloclip lens, a Rode VideoMic Me, and the Filmic Pro camera app.

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Canon EOS 80D

New Canon 80D, microphone and power zoom

Canon’s new mid-range camera has improved video features. There’s also a new directional microphone and a power zoom adapter.

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