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Osmo Mobile film still

iPhone filming with the Osmo Mobile

I used the Osmo Mobile smartphone stabiliser on a recent documentary shoot. It worked really well, letting me get rock-solid handheld shots, smooth pans and unusual tracking shots. Here are some examples, with tips on how to connect an external power pack and pro microphones.

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Panasonic GH5 camera body

Panasonic GH5, a mirrorless camera built for filmmaking

Panasonic’s new GH5, out at the end of March, offers more pro filmmaking features than any other mirrorless camera. With powerful in-body image stabilisation, fast autofocus, it’ll be a great choice for news shooters, documentary filmmakers and events.

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Peer-to-peer equipment hire in the UK

Peer-to-peer hire – where freelances hire out their gear to other professionals – is popular in the US. KitHive is a startup planning to bring it to the UK. Here’s how to register your interest.

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Canon EOS M5 mirrorless camera

Canon’s new EOS M5 has some great video features

Canon’s EOS M5 is their most serious mirrorless camera yet, with some great features for video, but it can’t shoot 4K.

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Canon XC15 camcorder

Canon’s new XC15 has pro audio inputs

The new version of Canon’s easy-to-use broadcast quality camcorder adds the option of pro XLR audio inputs.

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DJI Osmo Mobile stabiliser for iPhone and other smartphones

DJI OSMO Mobile, the ultimate iPhone stabiliser?

The DJI Osmo Mobile is the most sophisticated stabiliser you can get for iPhones and other smartphones. Its features include motorised pans and tilts, object tracking and motion timelapses.

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