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Canon’s new EOS M5 has some great video features

Canon’s EOS M5 is their most serious mirrorless camera yet, with some great features for video, but it can’t shoot 4K.

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Canon XC15 camcorder

Canon’s new XC15 has pro audio inputs

The new version of Canon’s easy-to-use broadcast quality camcorder adds the option of pro XLR audio inputs.

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DJI Osmo Mobile stabiliser for iPhone and other smartphones

DJI OSMO Mobile, the ultimate iPhone stabiliser?

Updated 9 January 2017 The OSMO Mobile lets you get Steadicam-style shots with your phone It’s well designed and build quality is excellent But DJI’s camera app drains the phone battery DJI recently announced the DJI OSMO Mobile, an adjustable electronic gimbal stabiliser for smartphones. It’s more sophisticated than any of the other phone gimbals around, building on DJI’s […]

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shoulderpod stylus iographer iPhone

iOgrapher, Shoulderpod or Ztylus: iPhone handle, clamp and case comparison

iPhones are great unobtrusive tools for shooting video. But they’re not easy to hold steady. A case or clamp would be the first accessory I’d buy. I’ve tested three alternatives: the iOgrapher case for iPhone 6/6S (they also make it for other iPhones, iPads and GoPros); the Ztylus Pistol Grip Kit, which I’ve been using for […]

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Run and gun filmmaking with the iPhone 6S

Run’n’gun filmmaking with the iPhone 6S

I took my iPhone 6S run’n’gun filmmaking kit out into the hills north of Cardiff to test out the Ztylus pistol grip kit, Z-Prime telephoto and wide lenses, and Filmic Pro.

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Audio-Technica ATR3350 lavalier microphone for iPhone

iPhone microphones for video – comparison test

I tested out some iPhone microphone options in the real word: an interview, and a garden with children in the background. I tried out the built-in mic, smartLav+, ATR-3350, VideoMic Me, Rode VideoMic Pro, Samson XPD-1 and Rodelink Filmmaker Kit.

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