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Making movies make sense

Making Movies Make Sense

Making Movies Make Sense has all the information you need to run filmmaking and viewing activities with learners aged approximately 8-14. It includes  an interactive guide to film language, information about organising filmmaking, and suggested activities and films. It’s available as a DVD-ROM for Mac or PC, and for iPad. There’s also a free lite version of the iPad app.



This DVD-ROM of unedited films (‘rushes’) is a great way for students to learn about film language and filmmaking. You install the films on your computer and edit them using standard software on Mac or PC. It includes four unedited film sequences – over 100 shots – plus an interactive guide to film language.

Free downloads

All of these are in PDF format.

Blank storyboard lafstoryboard Logging sheet Documentary script template

Filmmaking templates

This free printable storyboard, shot list, logging sheet and documentary script will help you plan your films.


Shot sizes

Shot size chart

You can download this full colour A4 chart from the Shot size page.


School filmmaking guides

I wrote these Primary and Secondary filmmaking guides for Into Film. They cover basic film language, organising filmmaking, and suggested activities.