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Individual: Pay what you want
Education site license $39.99/£32+VAT

EDITSHOTS: GIRL IN BLACK is a movie sequence for you to edit on iPadiPhoneMac or PC. It’s a great hands-on way to learn about film language before you start making your own movies. You can edit the clips using standard editing software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Premiere.

There are 55 clips in the download, which also includes a 36-page, iPad-friendly PDF that takes you step by step through editing the movie, covering shot size and selection, camera position and movementediting on the action, shot-reverse shot, the 180 degree rule and more. Editshots is now pay what you want for individuals.


Free downloads

All of these are in PDF format.

Blank storyboard lafstoryboard Logging sheet Documentary script template

Filmmaking templates

This free printable storyboard, shot list, logging sheet and documentary script will help you plan your films.


Shot sizes

Shot size chart

You can download this full colour A4 chart from the Shot size page.


School filmmaking guides

I wrote these Primary and Secondary filmmaking guides for Into Film. They cover basic film language, organising filmmaking, and suggested activities.