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Filmmaking for everyone

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Tom Barrance

Filmmaking for everyone

Filmmaking is a great way to tell your story. Making a short film doesn’t have to be difficult, but it helps if you know where to start. will help you learn about film and filmmaking.

Tom Barrance

Learn about the filmmaking process

Find out how to choose cameras and other gear, and how to organise, plan, shoot and edit your first short film or video.

Filmmaking step by step
Filmmaking equipment list
How to make a film with your iPhone or iPad
Filmmaking cameras under $300/£250
The best cheap camera for filmmaking
Video cameras for children and teens

Learn about film language

See how different shot sizes, like closeups and long shots, can help people understand the story. Learn how to shoot and edit so your film makes sense.

Using film language to tell your story
Using sound in your film

Learn from other filmmakers

You can get lots of ideas by watching other people’s films. Learn how great filmmakers have used sound in their films, and how to use still photos creatively.

Using still images in your film
Film poems and poem films
How great filmmakers use sound
Alternative film storytelling

Film education and training

I run courses and workshops around the UK and in Europe.
Filmmaking training for organisations, schools, charities and businesses
CPD for Primary and Secondary teachers
Filmmaking workshops for schools, youth groups and events

Educational resources

Editshots Downloadable practice film to edit on iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC
Making Movies Make Sense Film education app and DVD-ROM
Free PDF booklets about how to use film in schools