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Tom BarranceFilmmaking is a great way to tell your story or get your ideas across. Making a short film doesn’t have to be difficult, but it helps if you know where to start. That’s why I’ve developed It’s for anyone who wants to know about film, filmmaking and how to make short videos.
Tom Barrance

What’s on the site

Making a film: learn about the process

This section explains the basics of making a film.  There’s advice on choosing cameras and other gear, and information about how to organise, plan, shoot and edit your first short film or video.

How films work: learn about film language

As a filmmaker, you need to use images, sound and editing to tell the story and keep people watching. All of these things are important, so I’ve explained them in detail. You’ll see how different shot sizes, like closeups and long shots, can help people understand the story. I look at the different kinds of sound you can include, and how to put everything together so that it makes sense.

Inspirations: learn from other filmmakers

You can get lots of ideas by watching other people’s films. I’ve picked out some great online videos including poem films, a music video, a fiction film, a cake recipe and a documentary. There are features on how great filmmakers have used sound in their films, and how the Russian Revolution inspired filmmaking ideas you can use today.

Film education and training

I run courses and workshops around the UK and in Europe:

Filmmaking training for individuals, schools, charities and businesses. Learn how to use basic gear to make powerful short videos for staff training, promoting your organisation, sharing ideas or consulting your users.

CPD for Primary and Secondary teachers on understanding and teaching about film, teaching filmmaking, and using it to promote literacy and other areas of the curriculum.

Filmmaking workshops for schools, youth groups and events: simple filmmaking, basic clay animation, editing, film poetry, film soundtracks and much more.

You can download free PDF booklets I’ve written about how to use film in schools.

Making Movies Make Sense is an interactive guide to filmmaking with children, available as an iPad app (with a free lite version) and a DVD-ROM for Mac or PC.

Editsense is a DVD-ROM of practice films for learners to edit on Mac or PC, with an interactive guide to film language.


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